Air Sealing with Weather Sealing Tape

Good morning. It is Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. I am here on a job in Ramona that we are building for my son Brandon Freeman. He’s our superintendent working on his own house. He’s actually the one filming me right now too. Anyways, I want to show you a product that we’ve started using now. We’re staying very conscious of keeping these homes energy efficient and one of the best ways to do that is seal the air as best as possible. We found some great products that really help a lot in that.

The Bottom Plate Gap

This gap in between the foundation and the bottom plate creates the biggest air leak in a home. This tape that we put on is made by Siga, and it has a good adhesive back on both sides and really blocks the air filtration. This is an example of the tape. You can see, it has a two-part backing that comes off, which makes application extremely easy. Peel off either the top or bottom portion first, then stick it to the surface, and then remove the second piece and apply to the other side.

The adhesion is very strong as you can see when I stick it on my finger. On the backside, it has these fibers in the tape itself, which allows for a skim coat of stucco to adhere to the tape. The stucco texture glues well with it and when the Tyvek and siding overlap on top of the tape, it seals off everything well and even gives a clean finish. This is another way that we are building airtight and energy efficient homes.

Have a great day.

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